This month we asked some of the people Celebrate Outreach serves every Saturday morning what they would like to tell you, the people who make the breakfast possible.

Their comments are below.

In September we served an average of 141 bagged breakfasts and lunches each week.  Our highest number was 156.

Also below is a list of items we can use and information on the Still No Room in the Inn carol sing at homeless shelters on December 9 and the homeless memorial service on December 16.

Here are words of gratitude to you from some of the people we serve each Saturday:

Karl O’Neal

Karl O’Neal: “I want to thank you very much for what you do to help people. Helping people: that’s what is really important, and God really loves you for it, for everything that you do.”

Jonathan Dello

“I’m Jonathan Dello and I’m here at Praise the Lord Ministries having a cup of coffee and getting some food on Saturday morning.  I’d just like to tell you all that you all are doing a great thing. You all have been there for me on many occasions when I’ve needed something to eat and a place to fuel up and keep on going.”

Leonard Williams

Leonard Williams: “I come here every Saturday. They treat me nice and feed me good, and everything like that, you know.  And they feed the other people.  And they are good people.  May God bless them, and us, too.”

Reuben Barnebus

“I am Reuben Barnebus, and I just want to give a little shout out and a thanks for everything Celebrate Outreach is doing, and I greatly appreciate the supporters that are helping make the operation possible.  They do serve as a salvation and a sanctuary for those that are needing food, that are unfortunate in their homeless situation. Again, I thank you all for your support, and shalom.”

Ann Rozelle

Ann Rozelle– “Thanks to all Celebrate Outreach supporters for being there.”

And our thanks to everyone who continues to support the breakfast.  We can still use groups who would like to prepare the meal one weekend a month. Remember to visit our Celebrate Outreach Facebook page for updates, and contact us for other ways to help offsite, or to join our merry band on Saturday mornings!


Food Items

fruit cups, bananas, oranges

beef sticks, canned meat pop tops (tuna, Vienna sausages),

yogurt cups, lunch meat, sliced cheese, cheese sticks

packs of any variety of cheese or peanut butter crackers, snack-sized bags of chips

bottled water, Gatorade, soda


toothbrushes, toothpaste

disposable razors, shaving cream

bar soap, wash cloths


feminine hygiene items

travel size creams, shampoo, and body wash

individual packets of Kleenex, hand wipes


men’s/women’s socks (this is a constant need)

gently used clothes

men’s and women’s tennis shoes

men’s underwear S/M/L

women’s underwear S/M/L/XL

PLEASE NOTE: **We do not accept children’s clothes**