Values Statement

Celebrate Outreach! (CO!) is dedicated to outreach. We believe in treating all members of our community with dignity, and working with those who are experiencing homelessness or at risk for homelessness to the end that they are liberated from homelessness, hunger, violence, discrimination and injustice. Our organization has no political affiliation. Our activities flow from and are informed by the following values:

The common bedrock of moral relationships among all faiths is the responsibility to demonstrate compassion. A benevolent relationship with all humanity is characterized by humble concern for the least among us without being demeaning, unselfish care for those in need without consideration for reward or recognition, and merciful actions without judgment toward those who suffer

Social justice is the moral obligation to confront the systems and people that threaten or deny the fair distribution of goods, services, or opportunities so that all people may have equal enjoyment of basic human rights.

We endeavor to be a community of mercy, to enable people to overcome societal injustices and personal failings by actively participating in their lives without judgment. Through this ministry, our intention is to humble ourselves, meet people where they are, and serve them, thus promoting goodwill, reconciliation, and peace.

For us, faith means we must act on what we believe. It is an understanding that our faith is made visible, valid and victorious by beneficial societal and familial change, made possible through our vibrant, collective actions.