In week 54 of serving COVID-safe meals, as we finish up the kitchen renovations, the need for meals increases, and the need for volunteers has also increased.

     We need more volunteers.  We can use help at any point in the meal, but especially to wash dishes.  Last Saturday the only volunteers at breakfast were Mary, Dolores, a volunteer from the neighborhood, and me.  We usually leave in late morning.  I did not leave until 2:00 PM, and Mary left after that.

     You don’t need to volunteer for the entire meal.  For example, if getting up early on Saturday to open, set up, and start the coffee by 7:00 doesn’t appeal to you, come at 8:30 or 9:00 to help serve and wash dishes.  Details on volunteering are below.

     For the past two months we have averaged serving well over 100 bagged breakfasts and 100 bagged dinners each weekend. Each bag also includes a sandwich, a hard-boiled egg, and a piece of fruit for a later meal.  On the last weekend in February, we served 140 dinners, a record.  On the last weekend in March, which marked the one-year anniversary of interim cook Mary overseeing the meals, we served 110 dinners.  At this time last year we were averaging around 75 meals.

     Recognizing the need for volunteers, Sabine Von Aulock sent out a plea for volunteers last Sunday.  Thanks to Tom Fauquet, Sabine, and Jeri Huempfner-Gatz (above, L-R) for answering the call and giving Mary, Sam Picard and me, the usual Sunday clean-up crew, a wonderful Easter gift.

     If you haven’t volunteered for a while, please consider joining us again, if only for one or two hours.  If you have never volunteered, please consider joining us.  And feel free to invite friends, religious congregations, clubs, or other groups.

Reply to this e-mail or call me at (727) 894-2832 for more information and to volunteer.


John Stewart,
volunteer coordinator


Both meals are served in the fellowship hall of
Praise the Lord Outreach Ministries,  a church at 900C MLK/9th Street South.

Saturday Breakfast

7:00 AM – 10:30AM

7:00-9:00: set up, prepare food, fill bags

   8:30-9:30 : breakfast served

8:30-10:30:  clean up

Sunday dinner:

4:00 PM – 7:30 PM

4:00-6:00: prepare food, fill bags

   5:30-6:30: dinner served

5:30-7:30:  clean up, put away equipment, mop