Happy Birthday Mary!!

  • We celebrated chief cook Mary Stewart’s birthday.
  • It was also Mary’s 61st weekend cooking for Celebrate Outreach and Missio Dei.
  • That means she has been the main cook for 61 breakfasts and 61 dinners—122 meals—throughout the pandemic.  At the beginning we served around 60 bagged breakfasts and 60 bagged dinners. Now we are serving up to 130 per meal.
  • Mary stepped in to take the place of GW Rolle, who had cooked the meals for years, on March 21, 2020, expecting the pandemic to last a few weeks. Sixty-one weeks later, she is still cooking and organizing.
  • She will leave soon to be with a sick friend in Vermont, and GW will take up his role as chief cook once again.

IN THE MEANTIME:  We are asking everyone for your help in the transition, both on-site and off-site.  We will send ideas about how you and your friends can help in a separate e-mail. 


Special thanks to Sarah Butz who has pitched in with the essential chore of washing up, along with Tom Fauquet and Pam Breen.

And thanks to new volunteers Linda Lucas and Llani O’Connor for helping bag and serve the meals.

COME JOIN US!!  If you have volunteered, you know this good work with good people is satisfying and fun.  Please let me know you are coming, if possible.  Reply to this email or call me on my cell phone at (727) 492-1590 and leave a message

But remember: drop-ins are always welcome!

SATURDAY May 29 June 5 June 12 June 19
SUNDAY May 30 June 6 June 13 June 20

WHERE:   Praise the Lord Outreach Ministries  at  900C MLK/9th Street South.

Saturday Breakfast 7:00 AM Set up & prep > 8:30 Serve > cleanup till 11:00

Sunday Dinner:  4:00 PM Set up & prep > 5:30 serve > cleanup till 8:00

ALSO:   WE NEED PLASTIC SHOPPING BAGS!!  We use the bags to pack multiple meals and box/bag meals.  Please save your clean bags for us to reuse.