Celebrate Outreach is inviting Houses of Faith, condo association, clubs, walking groups, discussion group, families, you name it, to adopt a Saturday and make quiche (2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month) or bring fresh fruit, sandwiches, hardboiled eggs. If you would like to contribute, contact Mary Stewart at storymary@gmail.com.

Every Saturday morning and Sunday evening, we serve ~80 guests in need. We could use your help providing food, volunteer time or financial support. Email Chef Mary what you can bring, or shift you can work. We use CDC recommended safe practices in preparing, serving and cleaning up the meals.

At Praise the Lord Ministries

Guests and Volunteers at Praise the Lord Ministries

Our schedule for the weekend meals:

Saturday Breakfast
7AM – 10:30AM
7AM – 9:00: sanitize, set up tables & supplies, make & serve coffee, prepare, pack & serve meal
8:30 – 9:30 : breakfast served
8:30-10:30:  final meal prep, wash pots, clean up, prepare space for Sunday dinner
Sunday dinner:
4pm – 7:30 PM
4PM – 6:00: sanitize, set up, prepare, pack & serve meal & beverage
5:30-6:30: dinner served
5:30-7:30:  clean up meal, put away supplies, mop, put away tables