Our earliest donors

Our donors and volunteers are the bones of this house!

Despite COV-ID19 we have made progress on our first house. Deep gratitude to GC Reggie Craig, with the help of generous contractor friends, USF Professor Josue Robles Caraballo’s community, houses of worship and individual donors. One tiny home at a time, we will offer permanent ownership housing to a veteran formerly at risk of homelessness. There will always be room for you to participate whether skilled trade, fundraising, groundskeeping, outreach; let us know: Sabine@celebrateoutreach.org

Wrapped House

Protecting the house from the elements

Roof Sheathing

Adrian Costache, GC, lending equipment and expertise.

Compacting the soil

Pete, Andy and Reggie preparing for the cement slab

Pete and Reggie preparing for the plumbing

Pete and Reggie preparing for the plumbing

Clearing the Site

Pre- COV-ID19 Preparing the site