Tiny Homes Project


As recognized across the country, Celebrate Outreach! realized that building tiny homes for people experiencing homelessness would be a way to reduce the number of unsheltered people in St. Petersburg.

Celebrate Outreach tiny homes - CopyIn Spring of 2016 Celebrate Outreach! partnered with the University of South Florida School of Architecture & Community Design to undertake the newly formed Building Tiny Homes for Homeless Veterans collaboration. Internationally renowned research professor, Josue Robles Caraballo, taught a summer design studio challenging his students to create a design for a tiny home that was sustainable, easy to maintain, accessible, and promoted privacy, particularly for someone who might be suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The winning design, by Yesenia Vega, went through the approval process with the City of St. Petersburg, resulting in a 650 square foot house.

Thanks to the City’s Disposition of Foreclosed Properties program, Celebrate Outreach! obtained, through lease, its first property located at 3516 3rd Avenue South. We broke ground there for our first Tiny Home on November 12, 2018.

This and future tiny homes constructed by Celebrate Outreach! will be homeownership opportunities for individuals, who will apply to the City for Down Payment Assistance, take 1st Time Homeownership Training, and have a monthly income to pay the mortgage, which will follow income restrictions set by the City.

We invite any individual or organization to become involved in this concrete solution to our area’s homelessness challenge here: info@celebrateoutreach.org



Before moving into their tiny homes, veterans selected to participate in this project must complete a six-month residential training program in which they will matriculate through classes to prepare them to transition from homelessness to home. Class topics include homeownership, personal financial management, entrepreneurship, healthy nutrition and more. Referrals of veterans to participate in this program are continuously welcomed and received. Make a request to begin the referral process here: info@celebrateoutreach.org

Mayor Rick Kriseman“I love the excitement around the concept of tiny houses and the desire to house the homeless. The city enjoys working with non-profits on meaningful projects like this.”
–Mayor Rick Kriseman

AARP Florida Encourages Help for Tiny Homes to Make a Big Difference

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